On your second visit, as with every visit, you will begin by signing in at our front desk.

Review and Wellness Assessment Visit: (Your Second Visit)

By your second visit, Dr. Stamps and Dr. James have reviewed all of your medical history and possibly Xrays/MRI’s. During today’s visit, Dr. Stamps or Dr. James  will do a complete examination to evaluate you and your condition. You and Dr. Stamps or Dr. James  will then discuss how chiropractic care can benefit you and what the best treatment plan will be to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We will then proceed with your chiropractic adjustment and treatment.

Your second visit should take 30-45 minutes. Your adjustment fee for this visit of $45 is included in your first visit fee of $165 along with a Single Area Xray.  If additional Xrays or  therapies such as ultra sound, muscle stem, deep tissue massage were rendered at this visit, these will be an additional fee.

Are you a candidate of chiropractic care? After a thorough assessment from your second visit, Dr. Stamps or Dr. James will then schedule your first adjustment. Take the next step to your regular visit.